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Chris D’Elia Isn’t Feeling Some Of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Moments

Chris D’Elia dropped in on the people over at Complex to chime in on a few things apart of their The GOAT Show. For his time there, D’Elia went to discuss why he dislikes as few of DJ Khaled’s snaps on Snapchat, some of Justin Bieber’s noteworthy outfits, and some…

How Snapchat Filters Work

Snapchat filters are those fun overlays you can place on your digital face. They may seem silly and juvenile, but the technology behind them is very serious and complex. Vox explains in this new video.    Nerd – Viral Viral Videos

UW Madison Snapchat Love Story

Just when you thought you were on top of all the ‘cool’ smartphone apps a new one pops up to become to hot new trend. Tinder used to be the cool app to find a date in your close vicinity. But apparently, Snapchat is the better choice. The Tab posted this video…

Jimmy Kimmel Recruits DJ Khaled As His Snapchat Coach

Fan love. DJ Khaled has been making the rounds thanks to social media app Snapchat. The other night with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Khaled shared more keys to success and went to explain the best way to work the app. It turns out that all you need is some random moments,…