Craziest Skateboard Tricks Ever

And you thought you saw the last original skateboarding video online already. But Richie Jackson isn’t your average skater. He proves, once and for all, that there are no rules in skateboarding. Mind blown!   Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Twins Prank People On Train With Time Travel Gag

The pranksters at Improv Everywhere have put together a truly unique prank for their latest project. First, they had a man walk through a subway car asking people for donations for his time machine. A few minutes later, they had his twin come into the same car with a beard who begged his brother not…

Ylvis Language Of Love Music Video

Remember the viral sensation What The Fox Say by Ylvis? Well, the Norwegian comedy group is back with a new music video that is quickly spreading across the Web. And as you might expect, it’s outrageous! The hilarious music video is obviously inspired by those catchy pop songs about falling…


Fake Blind Man Prank

French comedian Rémi Gaillard is back with another prank video, and this might be his most extreme. Shockingly, he drove down the road with a white cane out the window, implying he was driving while blind. Did he take things too far this time?    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Baboon Is Amazed By Man’s Magic Trick

It’s hard to be original on the Internet. The Web has already need monkeys freak out over magic tricks before. But that doesn’t make this new video by AFV any less entertaining. While visiting the zoo, a man decided to show off his magic skills to a baboon at the ape exhibit….

Guy With A Bass ‘Covers’ Donald Trump Saying China Montage

Donald Trump says a lot of things. One topic he loves to talk about is China. The Huffington Post made a hilarious compilation of Trump just saying China over and over that already has over 4 million views! Iggy Jackson-Cohen took that video and made it even better by covering it…


Cartoon Demonstrates How Working In Customer Service Is The Worst

As anyone who has dealt with the public knows, working in customer service is one of the most emotional draining and miserable jobs there are. Joren Cull knows this too well, so he made this cartoon PSA to show viewers what not to do while shopping.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

John Oliver On Encryption

Even those who don’t follow tech news that much has heard how the FBI is trying to force Apple to unlock the iPhone of a criminal. Thankfully, the giant tech company is putting up a serious fight in protection of the privacy of the masses. Even of bad people. John Oliver…


Man Hatches Quail Egg From Grocery Store

Ever wonder what would happen if you took a egg from the grocery store and put it in an incubator? This guy did just that with the quail eggs he got from the store. What happened? He made a new, adorable friend he named Albert.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos


Little Girl Covers Bohemian Rhapsody In The Car To The Best Of Her Abilities

Stephy OD was sifting through old files on her phone when she discovered this adorable gem. A while back while driving her almost three year daughter Millie last year, she captured the little one trying her best to cover the rock classic Bohemian Rhapsody.   Funny – Viral Viral Videos